Двуетажен автобус Leyland PD3 British Double Decker Bus Promotional Exhibition

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Leyland Titan PD3 Triple Decker!

This is the showstopper bus! A unique half open topper with staircase access to a third platform deck protected by fold-down rails. It has proved to be an outstanding observation platform at sporting events, a memorable exhibition stand and an effective international promotional vehicle. The interior is kitted out with diamond-stitched leather divan seats and designed to be easily adapted to new roles very quickly. The kitchenette at the rear of the lower deck converts quickly to a bar and has opening serving hatch windows to two sides. There is a striped awning for all-weather protection for the open deck which has additional side windows for extreme conditions. The stainless steel front bumper can incorporate wind-down stabilisers, helpful for outdoor broadcast transmissions from the upper deck. This high profile promotional unit has demonstrated arcade machines, computers and even acted as a tea lounge. Highest profile adaptation: as a mobile TV broadcast unit for Sport TV of Brazil (see photo) for London 2012. This bus has worked for a number of other big clients, with huge success; BMW Mini (UK tour/launch), Channel 4 (Cannes Film Festival), AOL (Cannes Film Festival), Bandsport Brazil, Virgin, V-Fest, The Guardian (at Hay Festival), Wickhill (inside the NEC) and the NHS.

There will not be another opportunity for a bus like this. Sales price £100,000

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+44 1291 6...
United Kingdom, Viewing strictly by appointment only: Old Station Yard, Harbour Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5ET, UK (Postal address: PO Box 12, Chepstow, NP16 5UZ, UK)
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